How not to be a douchebag: a simple guide


Welcome to humanity, ladies and gentlemen!  Can we try not to be complete assholes to each other while we are on this planet for a short amount of time?

I’m no saint, and I have uttered a lot of awful things in the midst of road rage, and dished out the one-finger salute to those deserving pricks weaving in and out of traffic.  We have all been there and done that.  I’m not here to judge you, but I’m here to tell you there are better ways of handling confrontations that are seriously not worth having.  Before you burst into anger at someone, ask yourself if you really want to take on the karmic debt of holding in this anger to eat you up alive?  But also, do you want to pass on your anger to someone else who may already be having a bad day and you have contributed nothing to ease their burden?  Remember, whatever emotion and mental state you are holding onto will manifest itself back on to you because you will attract whatever energy you are sending off into the Universe.  It’s the Law of Attraction. Being a non-jerk begins and ends with you.  Take the responsibility and read below for some simple tips.

5 ways to back away from tough confrontations:

  1. Assume people are having a bad day. Be nice no matter how shitty they make you feel. You don’t know their situation. Let it go.
  2. Accept that getting angry will not help anyone. You may release your stress for a brief moment, but it’ll come back later anyway. Release it.
  3. Understand that people don’t have the same experience as you. What may come to you naturally is not second-nature for someone else. Have patience.
  4. Take the time to communicate emotions with kindness and gentleness. People don’t know where you are coming from. No, it’s not obvious. Especially if you’re dealing with a dude.  Sorry dudes, this is just a fact…nothing personal.
  5. Change the subject and invite your friend to drinks.

The truth is that if you want to offer your unsolicited criticism at someone, it may be considered offensive and you may get a defensive reaction.  Don’t be surprised or offended by it.  Find a better way. Empathy.

Now go out and have a super awesome day, non-douchy reader!