The Romance of Rain

The Romance of Rain

Everytime it’s raining cats and dogs, I’m constantly reminded of this iconic scene from The Notebook where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are passionately making out.  And it makes me melt! *sigh*

I’m sure that was a very difficult scene to film.  Anyone who has tried to have sex standing up knows adding a ton of water to the mix is probably not going to help with grip for either partner.  Also, anyone who has attempted the deed in the shower knows you are going to be constantly blinded by the spray of water bouncing off your companion’s head/body.  Great in theory, super shitty in practice!  Amirite??

Super unrealistic expectations, Hollywood.  And yet when it rains, all I think about is that tense, romantic scene from the Notebook and it stirs something inside me.  Looking out the window of my 20th floor office, betwixt the concrete towers surrounding me, I see the fat droplets of moisture plummeting to the earth and drenching it with much needed water.  Oh look, it’s now switched to snow!  The joys of living in Calgary where this sort of thing (mixing precipitation) happens all the time.

I don’t live in a climate where it rains a lot. So when it does, it’s something very special.  Currently, a lot of my province is burning (the Fort McMurray fire is raging outside of town and they are desperate for respite).

Rain is beautiful and it is much needed right now.  So before you start complaining about getting your socks wet, just remember the romance of rain.  Or Ryan Gosling.  Or Rachel McAdams. Soaking wet. *swoon*