The one time an aura scared the crap out of me

The one time an aura scared the crap out of me

Those of us who are blessed with the gift of clairvoyance have the ability to see things outside of the physical realm that others do not see.  One of those things include auras.

Auras are the energy a person or living creature gives off.  They surround the entire body, existing in the front and back, below and above a person.  This energy can be either colourless or give off multiple colours as the mood of the person shifts.

You can detect auras visually but they can also be felt physically if you are attuned to them.  In religious paintings, auras are depicted as halos around the heads of important figures.

In September 2015, I was attending the Afterlife Conference in Phoenix when I was watching a few speakers on stage.  I was attending the conference with some medium friends who I had somehow convinced to come with me to this thing that I thought would be super cool and give us some insights about death and the afterlife from a non-Arthur Findlay perspective.

Arthur Findlay College in the UK is the premiere institution of mediumship renowned for its educational curriculum and haunted halls.  I have attended workshops in Calgary given by revered tutors from AFC over the years.  I find myself disagreeing many times with AFC’s teachings, and that’s ok.  I do not deny that they do good work for the world by spreading mediumship to more people.

Getting back to the conference, I was listening to a lecture by a paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guilley. She was speaking about the Djinn who are supernatural creatures sourced from Islamic mythology. They can be good or evil and come in many forms to interact with humans.  As she was talking about them, I forced myself to watch her aura.  In previous lectures, I hadn’t been paying attention to auras of the guest speakers but my medium friends were.  WTF? I wasn’t about to be one-upped by them!  I have the sight too, dammit!  Anyway, as I watched and listened to this very interesting talk on the Djinn, I saw Guilley’s aura clear as day.  It was unmistakably grey, tall, two or three times her size and spiky like she was standing in front of the Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones).  I was stunned.  After the lecture, I asked all my friends what they saw.  Comments like “Her aura was big” were uttered.  No, but did you see anything else like spikes?  “What do you mean?”  Shit, did I just make this up?

I couldn’t sleep that night.  Not only had the topic of the Djinn scared the crap out of me, I hadn’t seen an aura like that before and I was doubting my ability as a clairvoyant.  Talk about self-criticism!

The next day, I went to the table where Guilley was signing her books and I really wanted to get her signature.  Mustering up the courage as I spoke to her about how amazing (and chilling) her topic was, I finally asked “Your aura looked strange.  I thought I saw these really huge spikes in there.  Can you tell me what that was about?”  She responded flatly, “Of course you saw the spikes.  I put them there because of the work I do.” Guilley deals a lot of with negative energies like malevolent entities and possessions so this is how she shields herself.  Brilliant!  I spoke with her about my own experiences with entities and we had a very cool conversation.

I was so relieved and so impressed with myself after Guilley confirmed what I saw was real! No one else saw her aura the way I did.  Man, I kick ass!  And man does that shit freak me out.  Hahaha!

She signed my book after I told her about the aura I saw!  I still get goosebumps when I read that inscription.


An empath in a concrete box

An empath in a concrete box

Being a spiritual person in a corporate world can be taxing emotionally and mentally.  Spiritually, I know the concrete jungle serves no purpose other than giving me the money I need to pay my bills and having the job that looks great on paper.  Navigating through the minefields of office politics is a daily struggle.  I have a job that my parents can be proud of telling their friends about rather than just, oh, our daughter is a medium.  They do that as well, but the medium bit takes less of the spotlight when my resume is relayed onward.

What does one do when they observe and feel everything around them?  I see the energy no one else thinks to look for.  My world is full of beautiful colours and vivid hues encircling the heads of the people I’m fortunate to work with in this chapter of my life.  Their auras ebb and flow like liquid veils, enchanting tendrils of qi dancing and reaching outward like flames.  What glorious images delight my eye, especially that third one!

The trick is gratitude.  Never taking for granted that which has been bestowed by the infinite divine.  The beauty of life is taking the time to observe the fleeting moments of clarity.  When I take the time to ponder the light-hearted quips by coworkers or the sense of accomplishment of me finishing a stressful task, I realize my contribution may not be so meaningless after all.

Anyone in the corporate world talks about the soul-sucking nature of it.  They talk about terrible bosses and vindictive peers ambitiously toppling each other ascending the corporate ladder.  I’ve gone in and out of many companies in oil and gas in the last decade and finally found a place where I have made a lot of friends.  This is the exception, not the norm.  My bosses are awesome and inspiring.  My coworkers joke and laugh all day.  The work is stimulating and challenging.  So what if someone snipes at me one day because they might be having a bad day?  It’s ok to feel the pain of the careless missile that strikes my ego, but it’s also ok to not take things so personally.  That’s really hard for me to do–not take things personally.

As I try to live my life to the fullest, there will always be those inevitable criticisms of being naive.  Without pain, one doesn’t know love.  Without loss, one doesn’t know to appreciate what they have.  Without risk, one may not experience reward.  Playing safe works for kids.  But for those who of us who savour the nectar of life, the thrill comes from living.

So what does an empath do when they work in a concrete box?  They build a window and a door.

To the chagrin of my spiritual peers, this post had nothing to do with shielding or grounding, or wearing crystals to ward off negative energies, etc.  I’m a realist and I don’t need the extra crap my metaphysical brethren peddle–though I’d be lying if I say I didn’t buy that shit en masse like a horizontally-challenged kid in a candy store. I’ll confess, my drawers and dresser are piled with gemstones and crystals.  I walk into a crystal shop and I’m an addict looking for a hit.  Amethyst pendant?  Rose quartz ring?  Rainbow tourmaline sphere?  Obsidian and onyx bracelets to help protect me from evil?  Take my money already, dammit!  I live 2 blocks away from Earth Gems in Calgary and I have to walk across the street to avoid it so I don’t go in.  Don’t talk to me about crystals.  I have a problem, ok?


Anywho, where was I?  Moral of the story: empaths need to sort out their life and calm their shit.

I bet you weren’t expecting that… 😉