Releasing the old

Releasing the old

When you’ve decided to move on with your life after a time of upheaval, you should take the time to release the energies of the past before opening the door to new possibilities.

For instance, maybe you have decided you no longer want to remain friends with a toxic person.  Or you’ve endured a bad breakup.  Perhaps you lost your job.  Maybe a loved one passed away and you’ve been in mourning.  Or you heard some bad news about your health.  Any of these major life changes can have a dampening effect on your psyche.  After a period of feeling sad, depressed, or angry, you might decide that it’s time to move on.

One of my favourite exercises for releasing the stagnant energy past is writing a letter and burning it.  The act of writing is very cathartic.  It’s intimate and heartfelt.  You can be as angry or sad as you want in it.  Use bad words.  Cry all over it until the ink smears or runs down the page. You’ll never be sending it out to anyone so you can say whatever you want.  There’s no need to be diplomatic or worry about hurt feelings.  Once you have written down everything you’ve ever wanted to voice, you can burn the letter and release the energy into the Universe.  The negative energy will no longer reside within you and a burden will be lifted.  You intention is to move on and let go of the past.

If you live in a place where open fires or candles are not allowed, burying the letter is also another option.  Another method might be to rip up your letter and release the energy before tossing it out.  Whatever works for you.

Another brilliant tactic is to scream your head off.  Maybe go for a long drive or wait until you’re alone in your home.  Scream.  Keep screaming at the top of your lungs until you are exhausted.  Put all your negative thoughts into the force behind the scream.  Eventually you’ll lose your voice or give yourself a headache.  Perfect!

If you are a creative person, maybe drawing something or using one of those adult colouring books might appeal to you.  As you colour vividly with negative thoughts in your head, you will eventually get to a point where you think that whatever you’ve made is beautiful.  That’s your release.

Going through an exercise like what I’ve described above helps you empty your tanks of anything that holds you back from achieving your goals.  It’s important to clean the slate. It will make you feel better so you can stop dwelling on the past.  We overanalyze and keep replaying thoughts in our head that we have no control over.  This is a waste of energy and time.  Spend your energy on something that will benefit you and be constructive, not keep you in the place you started.

My next blog post will be about energy clearing and removing blocks on your life to make room for abundance.