It’s the first day of summer!  And this year we have a full moon to contend with: the Strawberry Moon (which marks the beginning of the strawberry season).  I read basically one article to verify my info and it sounded legit so now you can sound smart when you’re talking to your friends and coworkers today about it.  Haha!

A time for rebirth, hot days and evenings, sitting on patios and decks, spending time with friends, and mosquito bites!  The days supposedly start to get shorter as well in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, you can’t have the good without the bad.  Everything in balance!

The full moon is a great time to tie up loose ends.  Imagine the journey that you’ve taken since the last full moon (which is typically a month) and decide what you will put to rest, and what you will continue working on.  It’s a great time to clear your head and re-focus on your goals.  What would you like to accomplish in the next month?  I want to challenge myself to work out more and reconnect with old friends who I’ve lost touch with.

Also, it’s a Monday morning as I type this.  I am drinking a lot of coffee. 😉


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