Recently, I felt this crushing weight of anxiety.  You know what I’m talking about.  The perpetual state of fear that something is going to go terribly wrong.  You don’t know when or how, but you just KNOW. You feel this burning sensation in your gut.  The grey cloud of heaviness becomes overwhelming.  This could be depression but it’s not.  This sudden onset of anxiety hits you and you second guess it. EVERY. TIME.

How do we learn to trust our natural ability to sense danger?  Sometimes anxiety is based in fear.  Fear is a thought.  A thought is not real.  Therefore the fear is not real, and anxiety is based on nothing.  Right?  Maybe.

But what if you have always had that sixth sense?  Do you find yourself talking yourself out of that intrinsic fight or flight situation?

I confronted my anxiety head on and realized that I was right about it.  My fear was real.  In fact, I should have probably dealt with it sooner than I had.  But everything happens for a reason and with divine timing (things will happen when they are supposed to happen.  Not a moment sooner.)

This wasn’t the first time I had tried talking myself out of my anxiety and of course it didn’t work.  Sometimes we have to just go with our gut and tackle whatever it is that brings us needless suffering.  As a woman who is developing her confidence in body, mind and now spirit, I feel like that my own spiritual connection can sometimes be muddied by rationality.

One thing my close girlfriends and I have discussed is that when you feel “vibes” about something, you’re probably right.  You can’t ignore those red flags about a situation or a person.  Rationality and instincts don’t mix.  Think of it in terms of society vs. nature:  society teaching us what it means to be rational; nature having come from our adaptations and evolution.  Which one of these things has a longer history in the planetary timeline and is more likely to be accurate: rationality or instinct?  Instinct.

I’m not sure that this will help you with your anxiety especially if you suffer from a psychological condition related to this.  But for those of you who are managing without medical intervention, think and feel what’s right and then act on it.  Don’t suffer and spiral down the rabbit hole of darkness.  It’s not worth the sleepless nights.  Have some confidence that your instincts are meant to protect you.  Ignoring them means you protect no one.

And if you are a friend having to talk another friend “off the ledge” so to speak, be empathetic to the reason why this person is feeling crummy.  It could very well be that there is something wrong and that something needs to be done.  We have a tendency to disregard an anxious friend who might have these outbursts frequently, and chances are that this person may require some psychological counselling and should seek professional help. In any case, you can be the judge of whether your friend’s anxiety is based on reality or fear.  Determine if the fear is real.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is talk it out and help that friend feel better.  And if that doesn’t work, Google has a full list of professionals in your area that can help.

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