One of the first things you learn when you are developing your mediumship and psychic abilities is how to meet your spirit guide.  You are usually led through a relaxing, guided meditation in a darkened room where you are asked to calm your mind so that spirit has an easier time communicating with you.  As long as you can easily go into a meditative or trance-like state, the quicker it’ll be to sense the presence of spirit.

The first time I spoke to my deceased paternal grandfather I was 12.  I was dabbling in Ouija boards as a curious child.  I always had an affinity towards the occult.

Ok, let me just state for the record how stupid it is for a child to come near a Ouija board.  Have you seen the horror movies about spirit possession and demons somehow getting through the board?  While all this might sound like superstitious gobbledy-gook, I will assert Ouija boards are not child’s play nor are they for adults either. You may or may not believe in any of this stuff.  Please exercise caution and good judgement before messing with things you may not understand.

Returning to my story, I spoke to my paternal grandfather through the Ouija board.  In short time, I realized that I didn’t even need the board to talk to him.  I could do it anytime.  We’d have conversations.  Soon, an uncle passed away and I started chatting with my uncle.  It was a lovely reunion and since both these people lived in India and my family lived in Canada, I didn’t know them in life.  The connection was crisp after they passed on though!  Unfortunately, I never really thought to speak to anyone else’s loved ones in spirit; I kept my gifts to myself until my early-30’s.

I had been going to psychic fairs and attended the Calgary First Spiritualist Church services in the 2000’s and was feeling a great pull towards developing my mediumship.  I knew nothing about mediumship really, I just figured I should try it and see if I could open up my gifts more.  In 2012, I began my journey and never looked back.

So, getting back to meeting my spirit guide, I did meet her in one of these meditations.  I was a cocky first-timer because I was kicking ass at this meditation thing and this woman just popped up in my head and told me she was my spirit guide.  A beautiful young woman, I assumed she died in her 30’s and came to me to offer her support and guidance. Her energy was pure love and understanding.  She knew everything about me.  “What is your name?” I asked.  She responded, “Fiona.”  I proceeded to call her Fiona for many months.

In another meditation, Fiona changed form.  She became more like a fairy princess.  This time I heard the name “Inonna”.  Oh, that sounds a lot like Fiona.  I just misheard it.  Her energy was extremely powerful, goddess-like even.  As a confident woman myself, I preferred this version of my spirit guide.  She was extraordinarily wise and patient. Not only that, but I could tell she had some control over other spiritual beings as well because they would come to her for instructions and followed her orders.  Forget princess, this woman was a queen!

Fast-forward several months, and I decided to Google Inonna.  Who is this person?  I was taking a long-shot into thinking I might figure out something about my spirit guide’s life. Well, Google came back with this suggestion: “Did you mean: Inanna?”

Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love, sex, fertility, and warfare.  Holy shit, I get a legit goddess as a spirit guide?  I had heard of other mediums talking to ascended masters, but this was damn cool.  You may have also heard of Ishtar, these names are interchangeable.

Goddess Inanna: fucking up assholes since 4000 BCE 

And I realized pretty quickly how much I suck at clairaudience.

There are the 5 “clairs” we deal with in mediumship:

  1. Clairvoyance = clear sight
  2. Clairaudience = clear hearing
  3. Clairsentience = clear feeling
  4. Clairgustance = clear taste
  5. Clairallience = clear smell

Then there are the additional clairs that mediums also experience:

  1. Claircognisance = clear knowing
  2. Clairempathy = clear emotion
  3. Clairangency = the ability to touch objects and perceive spirit through their possessions (also called psychometry)

Anyone who is considering developing their mediumship should be aware that not everyone is strong with every clair.  My gifts are very biased towards clairvoyance and clairsentience, which is extremely common. I’ve had claircognisance show up from time to time, and I am very strong with psychometry.  In any case, it doesn’t matter what clair works great for you, accept your gift as being your own and don’t pass judgement onto yourself if the rest don’t come soon or at all.

In conclusion, meeting your spirit guide is probably one of the coolest things you’ll ever do.  Never mind the first name you hear, you may not have even heard it right.  The point is that one should realize that they are always watched over by someone in the spirit realm and they are like our guardian angels who we can call on in times of need or advice.  Let them help you and you will become a better person for it.  And try Google for confirmation and research: you never know who you’ll meet on the otherside!





5 thoughts on “Meeting my spirit guide…or how I suck at clairaudience

  1. Sounds pretty familiar. I was talking a class in energy healing and met my 2 healing guides. One I was introduced to before the class because he came in during an Akashic Record healing that my teacher did with me, but the second one was new to me in class. That night after class, I sat quietly on my bed and tuned into her, asking her name. At first I thought she said Stephanie. Then finally I got Persephone. In the course of doing healing work I’ve had a few different guides work with me. John the Baptist started working with me about a year and a half or so ago. And in my most recent healing adventures where I use hypnosis to dive in deep, Mother God has come forth. (John and Persephone worked with me, too, earlier). I’ve been told they really don’t care what you call them anyway. My strongest clairs are clairsentience and claircognizance, followed by clairvoyance. I’ve had a few clairallience experiences. And I’ve tapped into clairaudience a time or two. I’m not sure what it’s called when you get another person’s thoughts in your head, like my own thoughts but not mine, but I get that too.

    I have to chuckle at your tagline of cursing like a sailor because I used to be a ship’s officer, so I know what you’re talking about. But I don’t curse too much these days being Mom. Thanks for popping by my new site. (I have a second site that’s been going for about 6 years).


    1. Thanks for sharing your story! It’s cool when other people have similar experiences! I think the clair you might be referring to is claircognizance regarding other people’s thoughts. I’ve had visions like that where I’ve passed someone and tapped into what they are thinking about in that moment. It was unintentional but very cool.

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      1. Well, it’s how I hear God and people who have crossed over. They sound like my own thoughts, but I can now differentiate between me and them by the tone of what’s said. It took going to a workshop where we tapped into the divine, for me to recognize that God has always been running through my head from time to time. I always assumed it was me. During the workshop, when we did a meditation to connect, and when I actually connected, it was insane! The love bomb download made tears stream down my face endlessly. I got so much information dumped into my head so fast that I was clawing with my brain to remember just a little bit of it. Simply amazing.


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